Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Stratiomyidae - Soldier Flies

The family Stratiomyidae (Latreille, 1802: 345), commonly known as "soldier flies", are a smaller family of flies of approximately 2,700 in over 380 genera (Woodley 2001). It appears that only species in the subfamily Stratiomyinae and Clitellariinae are aquatic or semiaquatic, and are found in a broad range of lentic or lotic habitats, usually nearshore, but also ephemeral habitats such as tree holes and seepages. Adults are usually found nearby their larval habitats, often seen perched on sunlit patches of vegetation and even flowers. McFadden (1967) has a useful description of the immature larvae for the family in North America.

Michigan records below are from the McFadden work and a survey of specimens from the UMMZ Insect Division collection. There are 28 species in 9 genera of aquatic or semi-aquatic soldier flies recorded from Michigan, with an additional 24 species likely to be found based on their regional occurrance. Genera are denoted in green; species denoted in bold blue have been recorded in Michigan; other species denoted in black bold are expected to occur based on their known distribution. You can use the Find function in your web browser to locate families, genera, and species. Synonomous species (indented) are listed below the current valid species (denoted in bold) with its taxonomic status indicated.

    Anoplodonta James, 1936a: 35 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Anoplodonta nigrirostris (Loew, 1866a: 140 as Odontomyia)
        (syn.) Odontomyia nuda James, 1932b: 436
    Euparyphus Gerstäcker, 1857: 314 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Euparyphus (Aochletus) brevicornis Loew, 1866b: 10 - ON southeast and west
        (syn.) Euparyphus brucensis Steyskal, 1951: 273
      Euparyphus (Euparyphus) stigmaticalis Loew, 1866b: 10
        (syn.) Euparyphus nigrostigma Curran, 1927: 217
    Caloparyphus James, 1939a: 49 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Caloparyphus greylockensis (Johnson,1912: 5 as Euparyphus)
        (syn.) Euparyphus adaleonora Steyskal, 1941: 123
      Caloparyphus tetraspilus (Loew, 1866b: 9 as Euparyphus)
        (syn.) Euparyphus bellus Loew, 1866b: 11
    Hedriodiscus Enderlein, 1914: 608 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Hedropdoscis trivittatus (Say, 1829: 160 as Stratiomys) - MN, OH
      Hedropdoscis truquii (Bellardi, 1859: 34 as Odontomyia)
        (syn.) Odontomyia megacephala Loew, 1866a: 140
        (syn.) Odontomyia binotatus Loew, 1866a: 142
        (syn.) Odontomyia bicolor Day, 1882: 78
        (syn.) Odontomyia innotatus Curran, 1927: 210
      Hedropdoscis varipes (Loew, 1866a: 141 as Odontomyia) - ON
        (syn.) Odontomyia alberta Curran, 1922: 279
      Hedropdoscis vertebratus (Say, 1824: 369 as Odontomyia)
        (syn.) Odontomyia willistoni Day, 1882: 78
    Labostigmina Enderlein, 1930: 70 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Stratiomyini)
      Labostigmina flavicornis (Olivier, 1812: 433 as Odontomyia) - NAm
      Labostigmina gagatigaster Steyskal, 1949: 173
      Labostigmina hieroglyphica (Olivier, 1812: 434 as Odontomyia)
        (syn.) Odontomyia fallax Johnson, 1895: 257
      Labostigmina megantica (Curran, 1925: 254 as Odontomyia)
      Labostigmina obscura (Olivier, 1812: 433 as Odontomyia) - WI east
      Labostigmina occipitalis (Johnson, 1895: 268 as Odontomyia)
    Nemotelus Geoffroy, 1762: 450, 542 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Nemotelini)
      Nemotelus (Nemotelus) abdominalis Adams, 1903: 221 - MB southeast
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) centralis Hanson, 1958: 1369
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) communis Hanson, 1958: 1376 - IN
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) glaber Loew, 1872: 56
        (syn.) Nemotelus flavicornis James, 1932a: 7
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) nigrinus Fallén, 1817: 6
        (syn.) Nemotelus carneus Walker, 1849: 521
        (syn.) Nemotelus crassus Loew, 1863: 7
        (syn.) Nemotelus unicolor Loew, 1863: 7
        (syn.) Nemotelus carbonarius Loew, 1869: 5
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) picinus Hanson, 1958: 1378 - IL, MN east
    Odontomyia Meigen, 1803: 265 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) borealis James, 1936b: 537
      Odontomyia (Odontomyia) cincta Olivier, 1812: 432
      Odontomyia (Odontomyia) communis James, 1939b: 220
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) hoodiana Bigot, 1887: 25
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) hydroleonoides Johnson, 1895: 261
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) interrupta Olivier, 1812: 433
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) melantera James, 1939b: 220 - ON
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) nigerrima Loew, 1872: 53- ON
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) painteri James, 1936b: 530 - east
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) pilimana Loew, 1866a: 146 - IL, ON
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) plebeja Loew, 1872: 53
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) profuscata Steyskal, 1938: 3
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) pubescens Day, 1882: 77
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) virgo (Wiedemann, 1830: 69 as Stratiomys)
        (syn.) Odontomyia paron Walker, 1849: 536
        (syn.) Odontomyia nigra Day, 1882: 75
    Oxycera Meigen, 1803: 265 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Oxycera albovittata Malloch, 1917: 330
      Oxycera aldrichi Malloch, 1917: 329 - IN
      Oxycera approximata Malloch, 1917: 326
      Oxycera maculata Olivier, 1812: 600 - ON
      Oxycera picta Wulp, 1867: 133
      Oxycera variegata Olivier, 1812: 600
        (syn.) Oxycera unifasciata Loew, 1863: 9
    Stratiomys Geoffroy, 1762: 475 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Stratiomyini)
      Stratiomys adelpha Steyskal in James & Steyskal, 1952: 393
      Stratiomys badia Walker, 1849: 529
      Stratiomys browni Curran, 1927: 202 - OH
      Stratiomys bruneri Johnson, 1895: 233
      Stratiomys discalis Loew, 1866a: 136
      Stratiomys lativentris Loew, 1866b: 12
      Stratiomys meigenii Wiedemann, 1830: 61
      Stratiomys norma Wiedemann, 1830: 62
      Stratiomys normula unilimbata Loew, 1866a: 130
        (syn.) Stratiomys quaternaria Loew, 1866a: 135
        (syn.) Stratiomys apicula Loew, 1866a: 136 (syn.) Stratiomys notata Loew, 1866a: 139
        (syn.) Stratiomys jonesi James, 1932a: 4
      Stratiomys obesa Loew, 1866a: 134
      Stratiomys ohioensis Steyskal in James & Steyskal, 1952: 400

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