Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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    Aquatic Coleoptera (Beetles) of Michigan


    NOTE: To reduce length, a number of family species lists will appear on separate pages. Each family will have their own separate reference sections for distribution and taxonomy, and numerous omissions and errors in citations will be corrected.

    Certain groups of aquatic beetles have been well surveyed in our state, and several systematic monographs have appeared for several important groups (e.g., Dytiscidae, Hydrophiloidea) that occur in our state. Still, the enormous number of Coleopteran species that may occur in our state means that to fashion completed species lists for all the families listed to the left will require additional work. Fortunately, researchers at Michigan State University - William Ruesink, Gary Parsons, and Robert Haack - are compiling such a list for Michigan.

    Genera are donoted in bold green; species denoted in bold blue have been recorded in Michigan; other species denoted in bold are likely to occur based on their known distribution. You can use the Find function in your web browser to locate families, genera, and species. Synonomous species (indented) are listed below the current valid species (denoted in bold) with its taxonomic status indicated.

    Adephaga Schellenberg, 1806

      DYTISCIDAE Leach (Predaceous Diving Beetles) (separate page)


      GYRINIDAE Latreille (Whirligig Beetles) (separate page)

      HALIPLIDAE Aubé (Crawling Water Beetles) (separate page)

      NOTERIDAE Thomson, 1860*: 34 (Burrowing Water Beetles)

      Photo of Hydrocanthus iricolor (Copyright © 2012 Tom Murray, used with permission)
      Copyright © 2012 Tom Murray
        Hydrocanthus Say, 1823*: 105
          Hydrocanthus (Hydrocanthus) iricolor Say, 1823*: 105 - UMMZ; Leng 1920*: 76; Young 1985*: 97; Downie and Arnett 1996*: 268
            (syn.) Hydrocanthus similator Zimmermann, 1928*: 165

        Pronoterus Sharp, 1882*: 263
          Pronoterus semipunctatus (LeConte, 1878*: 595 as Suphis) - LeConte 1878*: 595, Monroe; Young 1954*: 126; Downie and Arnett 1996*: 267

        Suphisellus Crotch, 1873*: 397
          Suphisellus bicolor (Say, 1831*: 33 as Noterus) - IL, IN, OH
            (nom.nud.) Hydroporus gibbulus Dejean, 1833*: 58
          Suphisellus puncticollis Crotch, 1873*: 397 - Young 1954*: 131; Young 1979*:418; Downie and Arnett 1996*: 267

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      CHRYSOMELIDAE Latreille (Leaf Beetles) (separate page)

      CURCULIONIDAE Latreille (True Weevils) (separate page)

      DRYOPIDAE Erichson, 1857 (Dryopid Beetles)

        Helichus Erichson, 1847
          Helichus basalis LeConte, 1852 - NMNH (web page database); see also Musgrave 1935:140-141
          Helichus fastigiatus (Say, 1824) - UMMZ (Washtenaw Co., Ann Arbor, 20-July-1901, Mus. Cat. 1634, det./ver. FNYoung)
          Helichus lithophilus (Germar, 1824*) - UMMZ (Washtenaw Co., Ann Arbor, 04-Aug-1916, det. H. Nelson 1973; Oakland Co., 04-July-1909, det. H. Nelson), NMNH (web page database); see also Musgrave 1935:140
          Helichus striatus LeConte, 1852 - UMMZ (Cheboygan Co., Cheboygan, 08-Jun-1927, Sherman Moore 1029, det. FNYoung; Livingston Co., ES George Reserve, 855b & 833a coll. IJCantrall & FNYoung), NMNH (web page database); see also Musgrave 1935:142-143

        Pelonomus Erichson, 1847
          Pelonomus obscurus LeConte, 1852 - IL, IN, ON (widespread central/east)

      ELMIDAE Curtis (Riffle Beetles) (separate page)


      HYDRAENIDAE Mulsant, 1844: 50 (Minute Moss Beetles)
      The information contained on this list is tentative, based on few observations of museum specimens (currently being assessed) and literature citations (Perkins 1980).

        Gymnochthebius d'Orchymont, 1943b: 38
          Gymnochthebius nitidus (LeConte, 1850*: 217 as Ochthebius) - Perkins 1980: 274-277; NMNH (web page database); holotype specimen from Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County

        Hydraena Kugelann, 1794: 579
          Hydraena angulicollis Notman, 1921: 146 - Perkins 1980: 81-83, 443
          Hydraena pennsylvanica Kiessenwetter, 1849: 166 - Perkins 1980: 81, 96-98, 443; neootype from Bryant Road, Emmet County; record from Grand Ledge, Eaton Co. as H. atlantica (Perkins 1980)
            (syn.) Hydraena atlantica Perkins, 1980: 488

        Ochthebius Leach, 1815: 95
          Ochthebius (Asiobates) cribricollis LeConte, 1850: 217 - Perkins 1980: 386, 388-389, lectotype from Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County
          Ochthebius (Ochtebius) kaszabi Janssens, 1967: 56 - MN, ON (may be found in Isle Royale) (Perkins 1980: 282, 325-328)
          Ochthebius (Ochtebius) lineatus LeConte, 1852: 211 - WI, western, but one record from northern WI, expect in w UP (Perkins 1980:314-318, 323)
            (syn.) Ochthebius milleri Hatch, 1965: 18


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      LAMPYRIDAE Latreille, 1817 (Firefly Beetles)
      Several taxa of these fascinating beetles have larvae known to live in the air spaces of aquatic plants, or are associated with aquatic or semiaquatic plants in aquatic habitats. A number of species have larvae that are adapted to feed on aquatic snails, and perhaps annelids; some larvae of Asian species have tracheal gills that permit a truly aquatic existence. There are 6 species in 2 genera that have been recorded in Michigan, with another 3 species in 2 genera likely to be found based on their regional distribution. This list is based on information kindly provided by Dr. Jim Lloyd (pers.comm. 2003), and records listed in Downie and Arnett (1996).

        Photinus LaPorte, 1833
          Photinus ardens LeConte, 1851 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers.comm. (Marquette, Delta, Chippewa, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Roscommon, Huron, St. Clair, Washtenaw)
          Photinus consimilis Green (complex), 1956 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers.comm., as consimilis-complex (Schoolcraft, Chippewa, Oceana, Livingston, Oakland, St. Clair)
          Photinus obscurellus LeConte, 1851 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers.comm (Houghton, Iron, Dickinson, Marquette, Mackinaw, Chippewa, Berrien, St. Joseph, Washtenaw, Wayne, St. Clair)

        Pyractomena LeConte, 1850
          Pyractomena angulata (Say, 1825) Lampyris (orig.) - e. USA, Canada (Lloyd, pers.comm.; Luk et al. 2011: 68, 72)
          Pyractomena borealis (Randall, 18258 Lampyris (orig.) - OH, e. USA, Canada (Archangelsky and Branham 1998; Lloyd, pers.comm.; Luk et al. 2011: 69, 73)
          Pyractomena dispersa Green, 1958 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers. comm. (Kent, Washtenaw, Wayne)
          Pyractomena linearis LeConte, 1851 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers.comm. (Marquette, Dickinson, Mackinac, Livingston, Washtenaw)
          Pyractomena lucifera Melsheimer, 1846 - Downie and Arnett 1996; Lloyd pers.comm. (Midland, Clinton, Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland)
          Pyractomena sinuata Green, 1958 - IL, MN, WI (Lloyd pers.comm.)

        Pyropyga Motschulsky, 1852

          Pyropyga decipiens (Harris, 1836) Lampyris (orig.) - Lloyd pers.comm. (Keweenaw, widespread in LP)
          Pyropyga nigricans (Say, 1823) Lampyris (orig.) - Lloyd 1999; Lloyd pers.comm. (widespread in state)

      LUTROCHIDAE Kasap & Crowson, 1975 (Long-toed or Travertine Beetles) (Polyphaga)
      Lutrochus luteus adult - from Brown 1972

      These beetles share the same habitats as that of dryopid and elmid riffle beetles (Dryopidae, Elmidae) and water-pennies (Psephenidae), although there is a preference for calcarious deposits from mineral springs (Brown 1972) (or possibly areas with high rates of instream photosynthetic activity, when calcium carbonate precipitates). There is one species that reaches our area. In Wisconsin, larvae were found in rocks, and adults were found in various lotic habitats of mixed substrate, with ovipositing adults occuring on wood and the travertine of rocks in shallow riffles (Hilsenhoff and Schmude 1992).

        Lutrochus Erichson, 1847: 509

          Lutrochus laticeps Casey, 1893: 580 - Brown 1972, Spangler et al. 2001: 11

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      PSEPHENIDAE Lacordaire, 1854 (Water Pennies)

      Larva of Psephenus herricki (Copyright © 2006 Ethan Bright)
      Psephenus herricki - larva - copyright 2006 Ethan Bright
        Ectopria LeConte, 1853 (Subfamily Eubriinae)
          Ectopria leechi Brigham, 1981
          Ectopria nervosa (Melsheimer, 1845) Eubria (orig.) - Yankoviak and McCafferty 1996: 205
            (syn.) Eubria thoracica Ziegler, 184
            (syn.) Ectopria tarsalis LeConte, 1853
            (syn.) Ectopria tibialis LeConte, 1853

        Psephenus Haldeman 1853 (Subfamily Psepheninae)
          Psephenus herricki (De Kay, 1844) Fluvicola (orig., described as an isopod) - Brown and Murvosh 1974: 315-322; widespread in state
            (nom. nud.) Eurypalpus lecontei De Jean, 1837
            (syn.) Psephenus lecontei Haldeman, 1853

      PTILODACTYLIDAE Laporte, 1836 (Toad-Winged Beetles)

      Larvae are known to live in semiaquatic or aquatic habitats, such as decaying damp logs and organic muck. Recently the larva of Paralichas (=Odontyonyx) trivattis has been described, reared from specimens sampled from spring seeps in eastern Pennsylvania (Funk and Fenstermacher 2002). Downie and Arnett (1996) list a questionable record from Indiana, and since the biology and distribution of this species are not well known, I have included this taxa as it conceivably may occur in our area, especially in morainal/outwash areas of southern Michigan where groundwater seeps occur.

        Odontonyx Guérin-Méneville, 1843
          Odontonyx trivittis (Germar, 1824 as Dasytes) - IN?, PA

      SCIRTIDAE Fleming, 1821 (=Helodidae) (Marsh Beetles)

        Cyphon Paykull, 1799
          Cyphon collaris (Guérin-Meneville, 1843 as Elodes) - IN, ON
          Cyphon confusus Brown, 1930 - Young and Stribling 1990: 201-202
            (syn.) Cyphon horioni Klausnitzer, 1976
          Cyphon drymophilous Young & Stribling, 1990 - OH, WI (Young and Stribling 1990: 202-203)
          Cyphon obscurus (Guérin-Meneville, 1843 as Elodes) - IN, OH, ON
          Cyphon padi (Linnaeus, 1758 as Chrysomela) - IN, ON
          Cyphon ruficollis (Say, 1825 as Lampyris) - IN (widespread east and central)
          Cyphon variabilis (Thunberg, 1785 as Cantharis) - Downie and Arnett 1996

        Elodes Latreille, 1796
          Elodes fuscipennis Guérin-Meneville 1843 - IN
          Elodes maculicollis (Horn, 1880 as Helodes) - ON
          Elodes pulchella Guérin-Meneville, 1843 - IN
          Elodes thoracica Guérin-Meneville, 1843 - IN, ON

        Microcara Thomson 1859
          Microcara explanata (LeConte, 1866 as Helodes) - Downie and Arnett 1996, shores of Lake Michigan

        Prionocyphon Redtenbacher, 1858
          Prionocyphon discoideus (Say, 1825 as Cyphon) - Downie and Arnett 1996

        Scirtes Illiger, 1807
          Scirtes orbiculatus (Fabricius, 1801 as Cyphon) - IN, OH
          Scirtes tibialis (Guérin-Meneville, 1843 as Scirtes) - IN, ON, WI

        STAPHYLINIDAE Latreille (Rove Beetles) (separate page)

      References - Distribution

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