Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Decapoda (Crayfish and Freshwater Shrimp) of Michigan

Relative to neighboring states to our south, Michigan tends to be rather depauperate in crayfish diversity, with only 8 cambarid species recorded from the state. Orconectes rusticus, native to the Ohio River watershed, is not native to Michigan, its common occurence a result of being used as fish bait and released. Similarly, Procambarus clarkii, native to the southern US, has become introduced far outside its native range due to aquaculture, the aquarium trade, and its use as fish bait. One species of freshwater shrimp occurs in Michigan.

CAMBARIDAE Hobbs, 1942 - Crayfishes (Astacidea)

    Cambarus Erichson, 1846

      Cambarus (Lacunicambarus) diogenes Girard, 1852 - Devil Crawfish
        (syn.) Astacus fossor Rafinesque, 1817 - suppressed by ICZN Opinion 522
        (syn., spell.) Cambarus Nebrascensis Hagen, 1870
        (syn.) Cambarus nebrascensis Girard, 1952
        (syn.) Cambarus fossor Hagen, 1870
        (syn.) Cambarus obesus Hagen, 1870
      Cambarus (Puncticambarus) robustus Girard, 1852 - Big Water Crayfish

    Fallicambarus Hobbs, 1969

      Fallicambarus (Creaserinus) fodiens (Cottle, 1863) Astacus (orig.) - Digger Crayfish (semiterrestrial)
        (syn.) Cambarus hedgpethi Hobbs, 1948
        (syn., spell.) Cambarus hedgepethi Walls and Black, 1967
        (syn.) Fallicambarus hedgpethi Hobbs, 1969
        (syn.) Fallicambarus (Creaserinus) hedgpethi Hobbs, 1973
        (syn., spell.) Fallicambarus hedgepethi Huner, 1977
        (syn.) Cambarus argillicola Faxon, 1884 - Type locality: Detroit, Michigan
        (syn.) Cambarus (Bartonius) argillicola Ortmann, 1905
        (syn.) Bartonius argillicola Williamson, 1907
        (syn.) Cambarus Uhleri Faxon, 1884
        (syn.) Cambarus uhleri Hay, 1899
        (syn.) Cambarus (Bartonius) uhleri Ortmann, 1905
        (syn.) Cambarus (Cambarus) uhleri Fowler, 1912
        (syn.) Fallicambarus uhleri Hobbs, 1969
        (syn.) Fallicambarus (Creaserinus) uhleri Hobbs, 1973

    Orconectes Cope, 1872

      Orconectes immunis Hagen, 1870
        (syn.) Cambarus signifer Herrick, 1882
        (syn.) Cambarus immunis spinirostris Faxon, 1884
        (syn.,spell.) Cambarus immunis var. spinostris Harris, 1901
        (syn.) Faxonius (Faxonius) immunis pedianus Creaser, 1933
        (syn.) Cambarus immunis Hagenianus Fleming, 1938
        (syn.) Orconectes immunis pedianus Hobbs, 1942
      Orconectes propinquus (Girard, 1852) Cambarus (orig.)
        (comb.) Faxonius propinquus Williamson, 1907
        (syn.) Orconectes sp. A. Fitzpatrick, 1967
        (syn.) Orconectes iowaensis Fitzpatrick, 1968
        (syn.) Orconectes kinderhookensis Fitzpatrick and Pickett, 1980
      Orconectes rusticus (Girard, 1852)
        (syn.) Cambarus juvenilis Hagen, 1870
        (comb.) Cambarus (Faxonius) rusticus Ortmann, 1905
        (comb.) Faxonius rusticus Williamson, 1907
      Orconectes (Gremicambarus) virilis
        (syn.) Cambarus wisconsinensis Bundy, 1876
        (syn.) Cambarus debilis Bundy, 1876:
        (syn.) Cambarus couesi Streets, 1877
        (comb.) Cambarus (Faxonius) virilis Ortmann, 1905

    Procambarus Ortmann, 1905

      Procambarus acutus acutus (Girard, 1852) Cambarus (orig.)
        (syn.) Astacus blandingii LeConte, 1856 [in part]
        (syn.) Cambarus acutus var. A. Hagen, 1870
        (syn.) Cambarus acutus var. B. Hagen, 1870
        (syn.) Cambarus blandingii Many authors from 1870 to 1962 [in part]
        (syn.) Cambarus stygius Bundy, 1876
        (syn.) Cambarus blandingii, var. acuta Faxon, 1884
        (syn.) Cambarus stygius Underwood, 1886
        (syn.) Cambarus blandingii acutus Faxon, 1890
        (syn.) Cambarus blandingii var. acuta Hay, 1891
        (nom.nud.) Cambarus (Ortmannicus) evictus Lyle, 1938
        (syn.) Procambarus acutus acutus Hobbs, 1967
      Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) Cambarus (orig.) - non-native species has become established in the southern part of the LP due to anglers using them as bait and releasing them (Nagy et al. 2018)

PALAEMONIDAE Rafinesque, 1815 - Freshwater Shrimp (Palaemonidea)

    Palaemonetes Heller, 1869 (Subfamily Palaemoninae)

      Palaemontetes kadiakensis Rathbun, 1902 - Page 1985


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