Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Hebridae - Velvet Water Bugs

Four species in two genera are recorded from Michigan, with an additional species likely to be found based on its known regional distribution. Note: species denoted in bold-blue have been recorded in Michigan, other are likely to be found in the state based on existed regional distribution records.


Hebrus Curtis, 1833

Hebrus buenoi buenoi Drake and Harris, 1943 - Polhemus and Polhemus 1998
Hebrus burmeisteri
Lethierry and Severin, 1896 - Polhemus and Polhemus 1998
   • Hebrus pusillus Burmeister, 1835
   • Naeogeus burmeisteri Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
Hebrus concinnus Uhler, 1894 - IL, ON
   • Naeogeus concinnus Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909

Merragata White, 1877

Merragata brunnea Drake, 1917 - Polhemus and Polhemus 1998
Merragata hebroides
White, 1877 - Polhemus and Polhemus 1998
   • Merragata foveata Drake, 1917
   • Merragata slossoni Van Duzee, 1921

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