Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Gelastocoridae - The Toad Bugs

Gelastocoris Kirkaldy 1897

Gelastocoris oculatus (Fabricius, 1798), Naucoris
Galgulus oculatus Latrille, 1802
Galgulus variolatus Rathvon, 1869
Gelastocoris vicinus Champion, 1901
Gelastocoris barberi Torre-Bueno, 1923
Gelastocoris subsimilis Blatchley, 1926
Gelastocoris californiensis Melin, 1929


Polhemus DA., and Polhemus JT. 1988. Family Gelastocoridae Kirkaldy, 1897. The Toad Bugs, pp. 136-139 in Henry, TJ., Froeschner, RC. (eds.). 1988. Catalog of the Heteroptera, or True Bugs, of Canada and the Continental United States. E. J. Brill: Leiden. 958 + xix.

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