Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Corixidae - Water-boatmen

There are about 40 species in 7 genera in Michigan, with another 8 species in 3 genera that may occur in the state. Note: species denoted in bold-blue have been recorded in Michigan, other are likely to be found in the state based on existed regional distribution records.


Callicorixa White, 1873

Callicorixa alaskensis Hungerford, 1926
    Corixa striata var. B Kirby, 1837
    • Corisa praeusta Fieber, 1848
    Callicorixa praeusta Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno 1909
Callicorixa audeni Hungerford, 1928
    Callicorixa canadensis Walley, 1930

Cenocorixa Hungerford, 1948

Cenocorixa bifida (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa [sic] - MN (may occur in w. UP)
Cenocorixa dakotensis (Hungerford), 1928 Arctocorixa [sic] - WI (expect in w. UP)
Cenocorixa utahensis (Hungerford), 1925 (Arctocorixa [sic] - Chordas et al. 2002

Corisella Lundblad, 1928

Corisella edulis (Champion), 1901, Corixa - MN, WI (possibly in western parts of Michigan)
    Arctocorisa edulis Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa edulis Van Duzee, 1916
    Corisella edulis Lundblad, 1928
Corisella inscripta
(Uhler), 1894 Corixa - Chordas et al. 2002
Corisella tarsalis
(Fieber), 1851, Corisa
    Corixa tumida Uhler, 1877
    Corisa  tumida Uhler, 1895
    Arctocorisa tarsalis Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa mercenaria Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa tarsalis Van Duzee, 1916, and Blatchly, 1926
    Arctocorixa tumida Van Duzee, 1916
    Sigara tarsalis Lundblad, 1931
    Corisella atumida Walley, 1936
    Corisella tarsalis Hungerford, 1948

Dasycorixa Hungerford 1948

Dasycorixa hybrida (Hungerford), 1926 Glaenocorixa  - MN, WI (expect in UP)

Hesperocorixa Kirkaldy, 1908

Hesperocorixa atapodonata (Hungerford), 1916 Arctocorixa
    Corixa alternata Uhler, 1878
    Arctocorixa mitida Parshley, 1914
    Arctocorisa dubia Abbott, 1916
    Arctocorixa  dubia Blatchley, 1926
    Sigara (Anticorixa) atopodonta
Hesperocorixa interrupta (Say), 1825 Corixa
    Corisa  interrupta Fieber, 1851
    Arctocorisa interrupta Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa  interrupta Van Duzee, 1916
    Sigara interrupta Lundblad, 1929
    Sigara (Anticorixa) interrupta Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa kennicottii (Uhler), 1897 Corixa
    Arctocorisa kennicottii  Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa kennicottii  Van Duzee, 1916
    Arctocorixa kennicottii Hungerford, 1928
    Sigara (Anticorixa) kennicottii Jaczewski, 1936
    Corixa (Hesperocorixa) kennicottii Hutchinson, 1940
    Hesperocorixa kennicottii Walton, 1943
Hesperocorixa laevigata (Uhler), 1893, Corisa - Chordas et al. 2002
    Arctocorisa laevigata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa laevigata Van Duzee, 1916
    Sigara (Anticorixa) laevigata Jaczewski, 1936
    Corixa laevigata Walton, 1943
Hesperocorixa lobata (Hungerford), 1925, Arctocorixa
    • Sigara (Anticorixa) lobata Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa lucida (Abbott), 1916, Arctocorisa
    Arctocorixa lucida Van Duzee, 1917 ; also Blatchley, 1926
    Sigara (Anticorixa) lucida Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa michiganensis (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
    Sigara (Anticorixa) michiganensis Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa minorella (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
    Sigara (Anticorixa) minorella Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa nitida (Fieber), 1851 Corisa
    Arctocorisa nitida Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa nitida Van Duzee, 1916
    Sigara nitida Lundblad, 1929
    Sigara (Anticorixa) nitida Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa obliqua (Hungerford), 1925 Arctocorixa
    SSigara (Anticorixa) obliqua Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa scabricula (Walley), 1936 Arctocorixa
    Corixa escheri Uhler, 1876
    Arctocorisa esheri Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa escheri Van Duzee, 1916
    Hesperocorixa escheri Hungerford, 1948
Hesperocorixa semilucida (Walley), 1930, Arctocorixa
    Sigara (Anticorixa) semilucida Jaczewski, 1936
Hesperocorixa vulgaris (Hungerford), 1925 Arctocorixa
    Sigara (Anticorixa) vulgaris Jaczewski, 1936

Palmacorixa Abbott, 1912

Palmacorixa buenoi Abbott, 1912
Abbott, 1912
    Palmacorixa gillettei Abbot, 1913
Palmacorixa nana Walley, 1930

Ramphocorixa Abbott, 1912

Ramphocorixa acuminata (Uhler), 1897 Corixa - MN, IL, OH
    Corixa alternata Forbes, 1878
    Corisa scutellata Crevecoeur, 1905
    Ramphocorixa balanodis Abbott, 1912
    Rhamphocorixa acuminata Torre-Bueno, 1912
    Rhamphocorixa balanodis Torre-Bueno, 1920

Sigara Fabricius 1775

Sigara (Vermicorixa) alternata (Say), 1825 Corixa
    Corisa erichsonii Fieber, 1851
    Corisa alternata Fieber, 1851
    Corixa striata Uhler, 1876
    Arctocorisa alaternata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa erichsonii Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Corixa alternata Abbott, 1913
    Arctocorisa parshleyi Abbott, 1916
    Arctocorixa erichsonii Van Duzee,  1916, and Blatchley, 1926
    Arctocorixa parshleyi Van Duzee, 1916
    Sigara parshleyi Lundblad, 1929
Sigara (Arctosigara) bicoloripennis (Walley), 1936 Arctosigara
Sigara (Phaeosigara) compressoidea
(Hungerford), 1928, Arctocorixa
Sigara (Arctosigara) conocephala
(Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
Sigara (Allosigara) decorata (Abbott), 1916 Arctocorisa - Chordas et al. 2002
    Arctocorixa decorata Van Duzee, 1917, and Blatchly, 1926
Sigara (Arctosigara) decoratella (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
    Corisa limitata Fieber, 1851
    Corixa alternata Parshley, 1914
    Arctosigara decoratella Hungerford, 1926
Sigara (Vermicorixa) defecta Hungerford, 1948
Sigara (Phaeosigara) dolabra
Hungerford and Sailer, 1942
Sigara (Pileosigara) douglasensis
(Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
Sigara (Vermicorixa) grossolineata
Hungerford, 1948
    Arctocorisa scabra Parshley, 1917
Sigara (Vermicorixa) hubbelli (Hungerford), 1928 Arctocorixa - MN, WI, IL, IN, OH, ONT
Sigara (Vermicorixa) johnstoni Hungerford, 1948 - New Record - Schoolcraft Co. (UMMZ)
Sigara (Vermicorixa) knighti Hungerford, 1948
Sigara (Lasiosigara) lineata
(Forster), 1771 Notonecta
    Notonecta noveboracensis Gmelin, 1790
    Corisa bilineata Provancher, 1872
    Corisa bivittata Provancher, 1888
    Corixa bilineata Osborn, 1900
    Arctocorisa bilineata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa bivittata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa noveboracensis Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa bilineata Van Duzee, 1916, and Blatchley, 1926
    Arctocorixa lineata Van Duzee, 1916, and Blatchley, 1926
Sigara (Phaeosigara) mackinacensis (Hungerford), 1928, Arctocorixa
Sigara (Phaeosigara) macropala
(Hungerford), 1928, Arctocorixa
    Arctocorisa maeropala Johnson, 1927
Sigara (Vermicorixa) mathesoni Hungerford, 1948
Sigara (Vermicorixa) modesta
(Abbott), 1916, Arctocorixa
    Arctocorixa modesta Van Duzee, 1916
Sigara (Vermicorixa) mullettensis (Hungerford), 1928, Arctocorixa
    Arctocorixa impersonata Walley, 1930
Sigara (Arctosigara) penniensis (Hungerford), 1928, Arctocorixa
Sigara (Phaeosigara) signata
(Fieber), 1851 Corisa
    Arctocorisa signata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa seriata Abbott, 1916
    Arctocorixa signata Van Duzee, 1916, and Blatchley, 1926
    Arctocorixa seriata Van Duzee, 1916
    Arctocorixa scabra Parshley, 1917
Sigara (Vermicorixa) solensis (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
Sigara (Vermicorixa) transfigurata
(Walley), 1930 Arctocorixa
Sigara (Lasiosigara) trilineata
(Provancher), 1872 Corisa
    Corisa trivittata Provancher, 1888
    Arctocorisa trilineata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa trivittata Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorixa trilineata Van Duzee, 1916
    Arctocorixa lineata Walley, 1930
Sigara (Phaeosigara) variabilis (Hungerford), 1926 Arctocorixa
Sigara (Phaeosigara) zimmermanni
(Fieber), 1851 Corisa
    Arctocorisa zimmermanni Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Arctocorisa compressa Abbott, 1913
    Arctocorixa zimmermanni Van Duzee, 1916
    Arctocorixa compressa Van Duzee, 1917

Trichocorixa Kirkaldy, 1908

Trichocorixa borealis Sailer, 1948
(Say), 1832 Corixa
    Corisa burmeisterii Fieber, 1851
    Trichocorixa burmeisterii Lundblad, 1931
Trichocorixa kanza Sailer, 1948
    Tricocorixa verticalis Rau, 1943
Trichocorixa macroceps (Kirkaldy), 1908 Arctocorisa
    Corixa macroceps Abbott, 1913
    Trichocorixa micronectoides Blatchley, 1926
Trichocorixa sexcincta (Champion), 1901 Corixa
    Arctocorisa naias Kirkaldy and Torre-Bueno, 1909
    Trichocorixa championi Jaczewski, 1927
    Tricocorixa verticalis Rau, 1943
    Trichocorixa naias Sailer, 1948
Trichocorixa verticalis (Fieber), 1851 Corisa - IN, MN, PA
    Corixa verticalis Abbott, 1913


Cymatia Flor, 1860

Cymatia americana Hussey, 1920


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