Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Belostomatidae - Giant Water Bugs or Electric Light Bugs

Five species in three genera are recorded from Michigan.

Species denoted in bold blue have been recorded from Michigan, based on literature records, examined museum specimens or personal collection. Species in normal font are likely to be found in Michigan, based on the species known range. Species denoted with " • " are synonomized with species list directly above it.

Benacus Stål, 1861 (Subfamily Lethocerinae)

Benacus griseus (Say), 1832 Belostoma
  • Belostoma haldemanum Leidy, 1847
  • Belostoma harpax Stål, 1855
  • Belostoma angustatum Guérin, 1856
  • Belostoma distinctum Dufour, 1862

Belostoma Latreille 1807 (Subfamily Belostomatinae)

Belostoma flumineum Say, 1832
   • Perthostoma auranticum Leidy, 1847
   • Zaitha fluminea Dufour, 1847
   • Zaitha fusciventris Townsend, 1863
   • Belostoma bakeri Ellis, 1952
Belostoma lutarium (Stål) 1855, Zaitha
   • Zaitha aurantiaca Uhler, 1886
   • Belostoma aurantiacum Torre-Bueno and Brimley, 1907

Lethocerus Mayr, 1853 (Subfamily Lethocerinae)

Lethocerus (Lethocerus) americanus (Leidy), 1847 Belostoma
  • Belostoma grandis var. americanum Leidy, 1847
  • Belostoma impressum Haldeman, 1854
  • Belostoma griseum Stål, 1861, and Mayr 1871
  • Belostoma litigiosum Dufour, 1863
Belostoma obscurum Dufour, 1863
  • Belostoma americanum Snow, 1906
  • Benacus griseum Howard, 1907
  • Lethocerus obscurus Torre-Bueno, 1908
Lethocerus (Lethocerus) uhleri (Montandon), 1896 Belostoma
  • Amorgius (Montandonista) uhleri Torre-Bueno and Brimley, 1907
  • Amorgius uhleri Van Duzee, 1909


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