Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Haliplidae (Crawling Water Beetles) of Michigan


Photos of adult and larva of Brychius hungerfordi (Copyright © 2006 Ethan Bright)

These are small (<5 mm length) water beetles characterized in the adult form by expanded coxal plates that function as an extension to store air under the elytra (plastron respiration). Although adults have modified tarsi and tibiae for swimming, they are characterized as cumbersome swimmers and are often found clambering on vegetation. Though mostly algivores, the diet of both larva and adult stages is facultatively omnivorous. Eggs are laid on algal food sources, and the three larval stages occur in water. Pupation occurs adjacent to aquatic habitats, with adults emerging to disperse into aquatic habitats. Useful summaries of haliplid biology are given by Matheson (1912), Hickman (1929, 1930) and Roughley (2000).

Of the approximately 220 described species in all major zoogeographic regions (Nilsson & van Vondel 2005), 20 species in 3 genera have been documented from Michigan, with another 7 occurring nearby based on regional records. Species of Haliplus occur most frequently in ponds and lake margins, and sometimes along slow-moving stream margins, and those of Peltodytes more frequently along stream edges and vegetated banks. The habitat of the endangered species Brychius hungerfordi, known only from a handful of scattered populations in Michigan and Ontario, is restricted to shallow erosional zones of coldwater streams (Strand and Spangler 1994, Mousseau and Rougley 2007). A species identified as Haliplus ruficollis (DeGeer, 1774: 404) from Michigan in the UMMZ collection is probably a misidentification, as this is a Palaearctic species.

Genera are donoted in bold green; species denoted in bold blue have been recorded in Michigan; other species denoted in bold are likely to occur based on their known distribution. You can use the Find function in your web browser to locate families, genera, and species. Synonomous species (indented) are listed below the current valid species (denoted in bold) with its taxonomic status indicated.

Haliplidae Aubé, 1836: 14

    Brychius Thompson 1859: 11
      Brychius hungerfordi Spangler, 1954: 114 - Endangered Species (collection in the USA illegal without a U.S. federal permit) Spangler 1954; Strand and Spangler 1994; Legge 1997; USFWS 2010; UMMZ
    Haliplus Latreille 1802: 77
      Haliplius (Liaphlus) apostolicus Wallis, 1933: 46 - MN, WI
      Haliplus (Haliplus) blanchardi Roberts, 1913: 108 - UMMZ
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) borealis LeConte, 1850: 212 - NMNH (web page database)
      Haliplus (Liaphlus) canadensis Wallis, 1933: 51 - UMMZ
      Haliplus (Liaphlus) connexus Matheson, 1912: 164 - UMMZ
      Haliplus (Liaphlus) cribrarius LeConte, 1850: 212 - Hickman 1929: 414-418; Downie and Arnett 1996
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) fasciatus Aubé, 1838: 30 - Downie and Arnett 1996
      Haliplus (Liaphlus) fulvus (Fabricius, 1801: 271 as Dytiscus) - UMMZ, record at Albertson College of Idaho Collection (as H. subguttatus), ON, BC-MA/NS, widespread north (Roughley 1991)
        (syn.) Dytiscus interpunctatus Marsham, 1802: 429
        (syn.) Haliplus fulvus var. carlittensis Régimbart, 1901: 323
        (syn.) Haliplus lapponum Thomson, 1856: 184
        (syn.) Haliplus lapponum var. niger Seidlitz, 1887: 31
        (syn.) Haliplus pyraeneus Delarouzée, 1857: 95
        (syn.) Haliplus subguttatus Roberts, 1913: 100
        (syn.) Haliplus salinarius Wallis, 1933: 556
        (syn.) Haliplus sparreschneideri Munster, 1922: 15
        (syn.) Haliplus unicolor Fiori, 1914: 188
        (syn.) Haliplus fulvus var. unicolor Munster, 1922:14
      Haliplus (Haliplus) immaculicollis Harris, 1828: 164 - Hickman 1929: 409-414; UMMZ; Merritt et al. 2002: 155
        (syn.) Haliplus americanus Aubé, 1838: 21
        (syn.) Haliplus pallidus Roberts, 1913: 109
        (syn.) Haliplus robertsi Zimmermann, 1924: 73
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) leopardus Roberts, 1913: 98 - IL, IN, OH, WI
      Haliplus (Haliplus) longulus LeConte, 1850: 211 - UMMZ
        (syn.) Haliplus hoppingi Wallis, 1933: 13
      Haliplus (Liaphlus) nitens LeConte, 1850: 212 - Vondel 2015
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) ohioensis Wallis, 1933: 27 - IL, IN, OH
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) pantherinus Aubé, 1838: 29 - Downie and Arnett 1996
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) tortilipenis Brigham and Sanderson, 1972: 18 - IL (Cook Co.), MN, WI
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) triopsis Say, 1823: 106 - Hickman 1929: 418-421; UMMZ
      Haliplus (Paraliaphlus) variomaculatus Brigham and Sanderson, 1973: 157 - IL (Vermillion Co.), may be found in sw. LP

    Peltodytes Régimbart 1879: 450
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) edentulus (LeConte, 1863: 21 as Cnemidotus) - Hickman 1929: 408-409; UMMZ, NMNH (web page database)
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) duodecimpunctatus (Say, 1823: 106 as Haliplus) - Vondel 2015
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) lengi Roberts, 1913: 119 - Hickman 1929: 400-407; Downie and Arnett 1996
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) muticus (LeConte, 1863: 21 as Cnemidotus) - UMMZ
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) pedunculatus (Blatchley, 1910: 204 as Cnemidotus) - Downie and Arnett 1996 - NMNH (web page database)
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) sexmaculatus Roberts, 1913: 117 - Hickman 1929: 407-408; Downie and Arnett 1996
      Peltodytes (Neopeltodytes) tortulosus Roberts, 1913: 118 - Downie and Arnett 1996
        (syn.) Peltodytes obesus Peschet, 1923

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