Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Ptilostomis (Phryganeidae) of Michigan - Identification

(from Wiggins 1998)

    1a Males 2
    1b Females 5
    2a(1a) Ab10 a simple roof-like plate, lacking slender processes and with a median patch of stout setae Ptilostomis (Neuronella) angustipennis Hagen
    2b Ab10 complex in structure, with several pairs of long, slender processes, tipped with stout setae 3
    3a(2b) Median lobe of Ab10 depressed dorsoventrally, and flattened, two slender processes at each side Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) ocellifera (Walker)
    3b Median lobe of Ab10 laterally compressed, or reduced to three separate processes 4
    4a(3b) Body of Ab10 divided into three slender processes, with shorter process at each side Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) postica (Walker)
    4b Body of Ab10 consisting of a pair of laterally compressed, elongate lobes, each terminating in a slender posteroventral process that is curved dorsad, and with slender basal process Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) semifasciata (Say)
    5a(1b) Sclerotized ventral lobe of vaginal passage laterally compressed into a prominent median keel Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) semifasciata (Say)
    5b Sclerotized ventral lobe of vagina more or less transverse in ventral aspect, not as above 6
    6a(5b) In lateral view, sclerotized lobe of vaginal passage finger-like, in ventral view stout and rounded apically Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) ocellifera (Walker)
    6b In lateral view, sclerotized lobe of vaginal passage not finger-like 7
    7a(6b) Sclerotized lobe extended ventrally as a prominent transverse ridge Ptilostomis (Neuronella) angustipennis Hagen
    7b In lateral view, sclerotized lobe extended slightly ventrally as a mammiform prominence Ptilostomis (Ptilostomis) postica (Walker)


    Wiggins GB. 1998. The caddisfly family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera). University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada. xi + 306 p.

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