Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Rhyacophilidae (Free-Living Caddisflies) of Michigan - Identification

[under construction]. Rhyacophilidae is represented in Michigan by only one genus, Rhyacophila, with 6 species having been reported in the state and another 5 species that may possible occur based on their distribution and known nearby collection localities.


Larvae (adapted from Flint 1962)

1a Anal proleg with an apicolateral spur 2
1b Anal proleg without such a spur 3
2a(1a) Apicolateral spur of proleg short and sharply decurved Rhyacophila mainensis Banks
also: Body segments alternating with dark and light bands
2b Apicolateral spur long and evenly curved Rhyacophila fuscula (Walker)
also: Frontoclypeus with dark transverse bands anteriorly and posteriorly
3a(1b) Abdomen bearing gills Rhyacophila brunnea Banks
3b Abdomen without gills 4
4a(1b) Anal prolegs with a basalventral hook 5
4b Anal prolegs without a free basoventral hook 7
5a(4a) Anal claw without ventral teeth Rhyacophila manistee Ross
also: Head slightly longer than wide; Pronotum with 1-2 dark anterolateral setae in addition to corner setae
5b Anal claw with ventral teeth 6
6a(5b) a. Frontoclypeus with a distinct, dark V posteriorly Rhyacophila torva Hagen
b. Mandibles edentate
6b a. Frontoclypeus without a distinct V posteriorly Rhyacophila lobifera Betten
b. Mandibles toothed apically
7a(4b) Second segment of the maxillary palpus subequal to first Rhyacophila glaberrima Ulmer
7b Second segment of maxillary palpus longer than the first 8
8a(7b) Anal claw without ventral teeth (carolina group) Rhyacophila fenestra Ross and Rhyacophila ledra Ross
also: Head with a distinct pattern of infuscations and muscle scars
8b Anal claw with ventral teeth (invaria group) 9
9a(8b) Second anal claw with second venral tooth Rhyacophila invaria (Walker)
9b Anal claw  
table incomplete


Flint OS, Jr. 1962. Larvae of the caddis fly genus Rhyacophila in Eastern North America (Trichoptera: Rhyacophilidae). Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution 113(3464):465-493.

Rhyacophila vibox Milne