Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Pteronarcyidae (Salmonflies) of Michigan - Identification

There are two genera recorded for North America, Pteronarcys Newman (Eastern North America) and Pteronarcella Banks (West and Southwestern North America). Nymphs are usually found in erosional and depositional sections of streams and rivers where there is ample coarse organic matter (wood, leafy packs), and are generally shredders of this food source (and associated macroalgae, fungi and associated microfauna), sometimes facultative predators (engulers) (Stewart and Harper 1996). Only two species of Pteronarcys are recorded for Michigan, Pteronarcys dorsata (Say) and P. pictetii Hagen (Grubbs and Bright 2003). Harden and Mickel (1952) gives characters for differentiating nymphs, but these may not be consistently reliable (Poulton and Stewart 1991).

(adapted from Hitchcock (1974), Poulton and Stewart (1991), and Nelson (2000).

    1a a. Tip of male sternum of Ab9 in lateral view curved ventrad Pteronarcys pictetti Hagen
    b. S8 hind margin slightly bowed rearward, female subgential plate with square mesal notch
    1b a. Tip of male sternum of Ab9 in lateral view not curved ventrad Pteronarcys dorsata (Say)
    b. S8 hind margin not produced with female subgenital plate unnotched, with or without 2 small projections


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