Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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    Elmidae (Riffle Beetles) of Michigan

    Larva of Dubiraphia sp. (Copyright © 2005 Ethan Bright)
    Adult Macronychus glabratus (Copyright © 2005 Ethan Bright)

    These are small beetles, with adults of about 2-3 mm in length. All larvae and adults of our species are aquatic and herbivorous, and live on rocks and logs, slowly walking on the surface of their preferred substrate. Adults, after emerging from the pupa on land, engage in a dispersal flight and enter the water. Juveniles occur together with adults in the water, and are easy to collect. Larvae are more mobile than adults, with anal gills protruding an air bubble that provides bouyancy as well as functioning as a source of dissolved oxygen. Similarly, emerging adults, upon re-entering the water, take a thin sheet of air under the plastron into the water and maintain their oxygen from the surrounding water.The larval stage of 5-6 instars usually requires 2-3 years, depending on species, size and temperature. Adults mate in water, and females attach their eggs singly or in small clusters to rock or vegetation. An excellent summary of the biology of this group remains Brown (1987).

    Genera are donoted in bold green; species denoted in bold blue have been recorded in Michigan; other species denoted in bold are likely to occur based on their known distribution. You can use the Find function in your web browser to locate families, genera, and species. Synonomous species (indented) are listed below the current valid species (denoted in bold) with its taxonomic status indicated.

      Elmidae Curtis, 1830*: 294

        Ancyronyx Erichson, 1847*: 522 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Ancyronychini)

          Ancyronyx variegatus (Germar, 1824*: 89 as Macronychus.) - Brown 1983:3; Bright, pers. obs., Rouge River, Wayne Co.
            (syn.) Elmis cincta Say, 1825*: 186 (syn.) Hydrochus parumoculatus Hardy, 1852: 270

        Dubiraphia Sanderson, 1954*: 4 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Elmini)
          Dubiraphia bivittata (LeConte, 1852*: 44 as Elmis) - see also Brown 1983:4
          Dubiraphia minima Hilsenhoff, 1973*: 59 - Yanoviak and McCafferty 1996:205; also IN, OH, WI (Brown 1983:4)
          Dubiraphia quadrinotata (Say, 1825*: 187 as Elmis) - UMMZ (Rice Creek, Calhoun Co., 01-Aug-1949, leg. V.S. Pratt, det. Sanderson, MW 1950), NMNH (web page database); see also Brown 1983:4
          Dubiraphia robusta Hilsenhoff, 1973*: 59 - WI, expect in w. UP (Hilsenhoff 1973:59; Brown 1983:4)
          Dubiraphia vittata (Melsheimer, 1844*: 99 as Elmis) - Brown 1983:5; NMNH (web page database)

        Macronychus Müller, 1806*: 207 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Macronychini)
          Macronychus glabratus Say, 1825*: 187 - UMMZ; Bright coll.; Brown 1983:12; Yanoviak and McCafferty 1996:205
            (syn.) Macronychus lateralis Melsheimer, 1844*: 99

        Microcylloepus Hinton, 1935*: 178 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Elmini)
          Microcylloepus pusillus (LeConte, 1852*: 44 as Stenelmis) - ON, WI, expect in w. UP (Brown 1983:6)

        Optioservus Sanderson, 1954*: 8 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Elmini)
          Optioservus fastiditus (LeConte, 1850*: 218 as Limnius) - Brown 1983:8; Yanoviak and McCafferty 1996:205; UMMZ (Rice Creek, Calhoun Co., 01-Aug-1949, leg. V.S. Pratt, det. Sanderson, MW 1950; Spring Brook, Kalamazoo Co., det. Sanderson, MW 1950)
          Optioservus trivittatus (Brown, 1930a*: 91 as Limnius) - Brown 1983:9; Yanoviak and McCafferty 1996:205; UMMZ (Rice Creek, Calhoun Co., 01-Aug-1949, leg. V.S. Pratt, det. Sanderson, MW 1950)

        Stenelmis Dufour, 1835*: 158 (Subfamily Elminae, Tribe Elmini)
          Stenelmis antennalis Sanderson, 1938*: 695 - MN, WI
          Stenelmis bicarinata LeConte, 1852*: 44
            (syn.) Stenelmis maerkelii Motschulsky, 1854*: 12
            (syn.) Stenelmis vittipennis Zimmerman, 1869*: 259
          Stenelmis crenata (Say, 1824: 181 as Elmis) - Brown 1983:10; Yanoviak and McCafferty 1996:205
            (syn.) Stenelmis sordida Motschulsky, 1859: 51
          Stenelmis decorata Sanderson, 1938*: 701 - Schmude 1992
          Stenelmis douglasensis Sanderson, 1938*: 685 - Brown 1983:10 (holotype from Douglas Lake, Cheboygan Co.)
          Stenelmis fuscata Blatchley, 1925*: 164 - WI
          Stenelmis grossa Sanderson, 1938*: 686 - Schmude 1992
          Stenelmis lignicola Schmude & Brown, in Schmude, Barr & Brown 1992*: 583 - Kalamazoo Co., Gull Lake Biological Station, specimen at Cook Collection - Schumde et al. 1992
            (syn.) Stenelmis convexula Brown, 1956*: 38
            (syn.) Stenelmis markelii [sic] Finni and Skinner 1975*: 390
            (syn.) Stenelmis crenata, S. sulcata Patrick 1961*: 255
            (syn.) Stenelmis bicarinata, S. convexula, S. crenata, S. decorata (in part), S. hungerfordi (in part), S. sulcata Patrick et al. 1967*: 378-379
            (syn.) Stenelmis spp. Benke 1984*: 40 (in part)
          Stenelmis mera Sanderson, 1938a*: 682 - Schmude 1992
          Stenelmis musgravei Sanderson, 1938*: 698 - see also Brown 1983:11
          Stenelmis quadrimaculata Horn, 1870*: 40 - Brown 1983:11
            (syn.) Stenelmis sulcata Blatchley, 1910*: 681
            (syn.) Stenelmis blatchleyi Musgrave, 1933*: 57
          Stenelmis sandersoni Musgrave, 1940*: 48
            (syn.) Stenelmis tarsalis Sanderson, 1938*: 675
          Stenelmis sexlineata Sanderson, 1938*: 663 - Schmude 1992

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