Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Banksiola (Phryganeidae) of Michigan - Identification

(adapted from Wiggins 1998)

    1a Males 2
    1b Females 4
    2a(1a) Phallus with membranous endotheca largely separate from the sclerotized phallotheca, and forming a separate extensile appendage tipped with many short bristles Banksiola crotchi Banks
    also: Ab9 broadened laterally, the phallotheca strongly extended posteroventrally as an acuminate process
    2b Phallus with membranous endotheca fused entirely with the phallotheca, and bearing several long spines also: Inferior appendages in lateral aspect with the terminal segment extended farther posteriorly thna the basal segment 3
    3a(2b) Inferior appendages concave ventromesally Banksiola smithi (Banks)
    3b Inferior appendages not concave ventromesally, but extended caudally as a pair of inflated dentate lobes Banksiola dossuaria (Say)
    4a(1b) In ventral view, the subgenital plate is extended posterad as a thickened subquadrate lobe terminated with short setose appendage at each side of truncate median tongue Banksiola crotchi Banks
    4b In ventral view, the subgenital plate is not extended posterad as above, terminated in rather heavily sclerotized median lobe with a blunt, triangular lobe at each side 5
    5a(4b) In ventral view, subgenital plate with the apical median lobe truncate or notched Banksiola smithi (Banks)
    5b In ventral view, subgenital plate with the apical median lobe rounded Banksiola dossuaria (Say)

(no key available, species currently cannot be differentiated)

(adapted from Wiggins 1960)

    1a Pronotum with two longitudinal, parallel, dark-brown bands Banksiola dossuaria (Say)
    1b Pronotum with two oblique, dark-brown bands that extend from the anterolateral corners and converge toward the posteromesal margin 2
    2a(1b) Frontoclypeus with a median, dark-brown band Banksiola smithi (Banks)
    2b Frontoclypeus without dark-brown markings Banksiola crotchi Banks


    Wiggins GB. 1998. A preliminary systematic study of the North American larvae of the caddisfly family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera). Canadian Journal of Zoology 38:1153-1170
    Wiggins GB. 1998. The caddisfly family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera). University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada. xi + 306 p.

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