Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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    Semiaquatic Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles) of Michigan


    The great majority of species in this very large beetle family of the Polyphaga are terrestrial, but a few taxa, which are phytophagous upon Nymphaeaceae and other aquatic plants, have become associated with, or adapted to, aquatic habitats (Jolivet and Hawkeswood 1995). The ecology of aquatic and semiaquatic chrysomelids has been summarized by Jolivet and Verma (2002). Larvae of all aquatic species (Donaciinae) use a pair of specialized hooks at the end of the abdomen to tap oxygen from air-containing chambers in plant tissue. Mandibles of the larvae are adapted to macerate plant tissue, and the maxilliary galea and lacinia are adapted to use pharyngeal suction of plant fluids. Larvae construct pupal chambers on their host plants, which is connected to the plant's air cavities. As in the aquatic-adapted Curculionidae, semiaquatic taxa utilize cuticular waxes and hairs as a respiratory plastron or to aid in swimming.

    Species citations are based on Downie and Arnett (1996), and this list must be considered provisional as no other literature has been consulted, or musuem specimens examined.

    Chrysomelidae Latreille, 1802

      Disonycha Chevrolat, 1844 (Subfamily Galerucinae, Tribe Alticini)
        [not all species in genus are semiaquatic, and I have tried to omit terrestrial species; on Amaranthaceae]
        Disonycha admirabilis Blatchley, 1924 - IN, OH (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1370)
        Disonycha alternata (Illiger, 1807 as Haltica) - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1370 (on Salix, willow; perhaps periaquatic)
        Disonycha latifrons laticollis Schaeffer, 1919 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1370 (found in wetlands on goldenrod; perhaps periaquatic)
        Disonycha pensylvanica (Illiger, 1807 as Haltica) - (on Polygonum spp.)
        Disonycha procera Casey, 1884 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1370 (on Polygonum spp.)
        Disonycha uniguttata (Say, 1824 as Altica) - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1370

      Donaciella Rietter, 1920: 38 (Subfamily Donaciinae)
        Donaciella pubicollis (Suffrian, 1872: 21 as Donacia) - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1289 (on Phragmites spp., reed-grass, and Nymphaea spp., water lilies)
          (syn.) Donacia pubicollis Crotch (1872:21, not Suffrian, 1872:21)

      Donacia Fabricius, 1775 (Subfamily Donaciinae)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) biimpressa Melsheimer, 1847: 159 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1298 (on Carex spp., Scirpus spp., bulrushes)
          (syn.) Donacia aurichalcea Melsheimer, 1847:159)
          (syn.) Donacia torosa LeConte, 1851:313
        Donacia (Donaciomima) caerulea Olivier, 1795: 10 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296 (on Sagittaria spp.; also on Acorus calamus sweet flag, and Pontederia cordata, pickerel weed); Pine Creek, 10 mi S Battle Creek, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
          (syn.) Donacia aequalis Say, 1824:248
          (syn.) Donacia confusa, Lacordaire 1845:109, not LeConte, 1851
          (syn.) Donacia confusa LeConte 1851:313, not Lacordaire, 1845
        Donacia (Donaciomima) cazieri Marx, 1957: 213 - Munising Tourist Park (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008) (Downie and Arnet 1996:1298, on Carox limosa, mud sedge)
        Donacia (Donacia) cincticornis Newman, 1838: 391 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1295 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies, Potamogeton spp. pondweed, Nymphoides spp., floating heart)
          (syn.) Donacia lucida Lacordaire, 1845:106
          (syn.) Donacia rufipennis Lacordaire, 1845:110
          (syn.) Donacia pulchella LeConte, 1851:312
          (syn.) Donacia antillarum Suffrain, 1864:282
          (syn.) Donacia cincticornis var. tryphera Schaeffer, 1925:81
          (syn.) Donacia cincticornis var. tenuis Schaeffer, 1925:82
        Donacia (Donaciomima) confluenta Say, 1827: 293 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1297 (on Sparganium spp., bur-reeds); Pine Creek, 10 mi S Battle Creek, MI; ditch along Mitchell Lake Rd., MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) cuprea Kirby, 1837: 225 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296 (on Scirpus occidentalis)
          (syn.) Donacia curticollis Knab, 1905:122
        Donacia (Donaciomima) distincta Leconte, 1851: 313 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1298 (on Carex spp. sedges, Scirpus spp., bulrushes)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) fulgens Leconte, 1851: 312 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296-1297 (on Sparganium angustifolium, narrow leafed bur-reed, Pontederia cordata, pickerel weed); small lake near Lake City, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) hirticollis Kirby, 1837: 226 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296 (on Potamogeton spp., other aquatic plants); small lake near Lake City, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
          (syn.) Donacia rudicollis Lacordaire, 1845:108
        Donacia (Donaciomima) liebecki Schaeffer, 1919: 314 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1297 (on Nymphaea spp., Nymphar spp., Orontium aquaticum, floating arum)
          (syn.) Donacia pallipes Lacordaire, 1845:149
        Donacia (Donaciomima) limonia Schaeffer, 1925: 100 (as D. biimpressa var. limonia) - IN, ON, may occur in s. LP (Downie and Arnett 1996:1298; on Carex spp., sedges, and Scirpus spp., bulrushes)
          (syn.) Donacia biimpressa var. limonia Schaeffer, 1925: 100 (Askevold 1991: 177)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) magnifica Leconte, 1851: 310 - ON, MN, widespread (Downie and Arnett 1996:1297 (on Potamogeton spp., pond weeds, Sagittaria spp., arrow leaf)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) megacornis Blatchley, 1910: 1103 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1297 (on Nymphaea spp., Nymphar spp.)
          (syn.) Donacia megatocera Weise 1913:118
        Donacia (Donacia) palmata Olivier, 1795: 8 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1294 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies); ; small lake near Lake City, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
          (syn.) Donacia claudicans Germar, 1821:173
          (syn.) Donacia palmata angustipes Marx, 1957:237
        Donacia (Donacia) parvidens Schaeffer, 1919: 311 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1295 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies)
        Donacia (Donacia) piscatrix Lacordaire, 1845: 113 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1294-1295 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies); shallow lake E Tacoma Lake, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
          (syn.) Donacia carolina Lacordaire, 1845:114
          (syn.) Donacia cuprea Melsheimer, 1847:158, not Kirby, 1837
          (syn.) Donacia alutacea LeConte, 1851:311
          (syn.) Donacia congener LeConte, 1851:310
        Donacia (Donaciomima) porosicollis Lacordaire, 1845: 150 - MN, ON, expect in Isle Royale, w UP (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1298; on Carex spp. sedges, and Scirpus spp. nut rushes)
        Donacia (Donacia) proxima Kirby, 1837: 225 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1295 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies)
          (syn.) Donacia espiscopalis Lacordaire, 1845:105
          (syn.) Donacia california LeConte, 1861:357
          (syn.) Donacia caerulea, sensu Schaeffer 1925 and Marx 1957
        Donacia (Donaciomima) pubescens Leconte, 1868: 55 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296 (on Scirpus occidentalis)
        Donacia (Donacia) rufescens: 112 Lacordaire, 1845 - IN, OH, ON (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1295 (on Nymphaea spp. and Nuphar spp., water lilies), widespread east)
        Donacia (Donaciomima) rugosa Leconte, 1851: 415 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1298 (on Pontederia cordata, pickerel weed)
          (syn.) Donacia aenea Ahrens, 1810: 21 (not Hoppe 1875:44, not Gistel 1857:524)
          (syn.) Donacia quadricollis Say, 1827: 282
          (syn.) Donacia aerea Lacordaire, 1845: 148 (not Schrank, 1798)
          (syn.) Donacia subtilis magistrigata Mead, 1938: 113
        Donacia (Donaciomima) subtilis Kunze, 1818: 12 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1297 (on Sparganium spp., bur-reeds); Kalamazoo River, 4 mi E Douglas, MI; Fawn River, 1 mi E Constantine, MI (Kölsch & Pedersen 2008)
        Donacia (Donacia) texana Crotch, 1873: 22 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1295-1296 (on Nymphaea spp. water lilies)
          (syn.) Donacia texana var. minor Schaeffer, 1925:72
        Donacia (Donaciomima) tuberculifrons Schaeffer, 1919: 315 - Downie and Arnett 1996:1296 (on Scirpus paludosus, Sparganium spp., Carex spp., Acorus calamus sweet flag)

      Hydrothassa Thomson, 1866
        [Ranunculus and marsh vegetation]
        Hydrothassa boreella Schaeffer, 1928 - widespread, expect northern Michigan (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1346)
        Hydrothassa obliquata (Leconte, 1866 as Prasocuris) - IN, OH (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1346)
        Hydrothassa ovalis (Blatchley, 1910 as Prasocuris) - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1346, on Carex spp.
        Hydrothassa vittata (Olivier, 1808 as Helodes) - IN, OH, widespread (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1346)
          (syn.) Hydrothassa trivittata (Say)
          (syn.) Hydrothassa varipes (LeConte)

      Neohaemonia Székessy, 1941: 148
        Neohaemonia flagellata Askevold, 1988: 390 - IL, IN, ON, MN (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1289; widespread, on Potamogeton spp.)
        Neohaemonia melsheimeri (Lacordaire, 1845: 211 as Haemonia) - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1289; on Potamogeton spp.
        Neohaemonia minnesotensis Askevold, 1988: 388 - Downie and Arnett 1996: 1289; on Potamogeton spp.
        Neohaemonia nigricornis (Kirby, 1837: 222 as Haemonia) - MN, ON, WI, widespread (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1288-1289; on Potamogeton spp.)
          (syn.) Haemonia americana Guérin-Méneville, 1844: 249

      Plateumaris Thomson, 1859: 154
        Plateumaris aurifera (LeConte, 1851: 313 as Donacia) - MN (Askevold 1991: 155; expect in northern UP, on Carex, Scirpus and Eleocharis)
        Plateumaris diversa (Schaeffer, 1925: 143 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 40, 151 (ESGR, Livinston Co.; on sedges in moist meadows)
          (syn.) Donacia harrisi Blatchley, 1910:1105 (misid.)
        Plateumaris flavipes (Kirby, 1837: 223 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 156 (on Carex, Scirpus and Eleocharis)
          (syn.) Donacia wallisi Schaeffer, 1925: 147
        Plateumaris frosti (Schaeffer, 1925: 136) - Askevold 1991: 164 (on Carex esp. stricta Lam., Scirpus and Eleocharis), Kölsch & Pedersen 2008: 938 (Soldier Lake [46.349N, -84.867W], Chippewa Co.)
        Plateumaris fulvipes (Lacordaire, 1845: 192) - Askevold 1991: 158 (on Carex, Scirpus and Eleocharis)
          (syn.) Donacia fulvipes Dejean, 1837 (nom.nudum)
        Plateumaris germari (Mannerheim, 1843: 306 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 157 (on Carex, Scirpus, Juncus and Eleocharis)
          (syn.) Donacia flavipennis Mannerheim, 1843: 306
          (syn.) Donacia dives LeConte, 1851: 314
          (syn.) Donacia serricauda Schaeffer, 1919: 318
          (syn.) Donacia femoralis LeConte, 1851 (misid.)
        Plateumaris metallica (Ahrens, 1810: 33 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 160 (on Carex, Scirpus, and Juncus affinis R. Brown, adventitious on other plants)
          (syn.) Donacia femoralis, Kirby (1837: 223), Lacordaire, 1845
          (syn.) Donacia cataractae Newman (1838: 391)
          (syn.) Donacia parva Lacordaire (1845: 190)
          (syn.) Donacia indica Melsheimer (1847: 158)
          (syn.) Donacia nana Melsheimer (1847: 160)
          (syn.) Donacia gentilis LeConte (1851: 314)
        Plateumaris nitida (Germar, 1811: 31 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 163 (on Carex, Scirpus and Eleocharis, adventitious on other plants), Kölsch & Pedersen 2008: 938 (M-115 at Middle Branch River, [44.088N, -85.231W], Osceola Co.)
          (syn.) Donacia emarginata Kirby, 1837: 224, var. pacifica Schaeffer, 1925: 135
          (syn.) Donacia juncina Couper, 1864: 88
        Plateumaris pusilla (Say, 1827: 293 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 153 (on Carex, Scirpus, Juncus and Eleocharis, adventitious on other plants)
          (syn.) Donacia rugifrons Newman, 1838: 391, (nom.nudum), Lacordaire, 1845
          (syn.) Donacia pyritosa LeConte, 1857(1860): 66
          (syn.) Donacia cuprea Crotch, 1873:31 (misid.)
        Plateumaris robusta (Schaffer, 1919: 318 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 154 (on Carex, Scirpus and Eleocharis)
        Plateumaris rufa (Say, 1827: 283 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 152 (on Carex and Scirpus)
          (syn.) Donacia sulcicollis Dejean, 1837 (nom.nudum), Lacordaire, 1845: 186
          (syn.) Donacia affis Kirby, 1837: 224
          (syn.) Donacia chalcea Lacordaire, 1845: 188
          (syn.) Donacia kirbyi Lacordaire, 1845: 202
          (syn.) Donacia jacunda LaConte, 1850: 315 (nom.nudum), 1851
        Plateumaris shoemakeri (Schaeffer, 1925 as Donacia) - Askevold 1991: 159 (on Acorus calamus L., accidental or adventitious on other plants)
          (syn.) Donacia flavipes var. shoemakeri Schaeffer, 1925 (syn.) Donacia flavipes var. lodingi Schaeffer, 1925 (misid.) Plateumaris chalcea, Askevold, 1990
        Plateumaris schaefferi Askevold, 1991: 162 - Askevold 1991: 162

      Prasocuris Latreille, 1802
        Prasocuris phellandrii (Linnaeus, 1758 as Chrysomela) - IN, OH, ON, widespread (Downie and Arnett 1996: 1345, on Caltha spp. (marsh marigold) and Sium suave (water parsnip)

      Pyrrhalta Joannis, 1866
        [not aquatic]
        Pyrrhalta (Tricholochomaea) alni (Fall, 1924) Galerucella (orig.) - Downie and Arnett 1996:1352 (on Alnis, alder; periaquatic)
        Pyrrhalta (Tricholochomaea) decora (Say, 1824) Galleruca (orig.) - Downie and Arnett 1996 (on Salix, willow; perhaps periaquatic)
        Pyrrhalta (Neogalerucalla) quebecensis (Brown, 1938) Galerucella (orig.) - Downie and Arnett 1996:1350 (on Potentialla palustris, cinquefoil; periaquatic)
        Pyrrhalta (Tricholochomaea) ribicola (Brown, 1938) Galerucella (orig.) - Downie and Arnett 1996:1352 (on Ribes, gooseberry; periaquatic, especially bogs)
        Pyrrhalta (Tricholochomaea) tuberculata (Say, 1824) Galleruca (orig.) - Downie and Arnett 1996:1352, (on Salix, willow; perhaps periaquatic)

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